Data Centres

Various Data Centre Projects

Various DC sites with varied site issues.

Added Value & Innovation
Learning as we go. Learning that the  clients needs are our core values.
A  data centre owner minds the  information of the world. We mind the infrastructure that protects that.
Programme Various
Budget met €12,000,000
HSEQ Zero incidents and non-conformances

Mining and Quarries

Glensanda Super Quarry, Oban Scotland 

Large Peat extraction from future blasting zone and deposition in peat storage areas 8km down the mountain. On the largest granite quarry in Europe the complex weather patterns and interaction with other large mining trucks sharing the same haul roads required detailed project planning and communication to ensure a safe operation throughout the project.

Added Value & Innovation
Overcoming offshore logistics for heavy plant and equipment.
Programme 12 weeks completed on time
Budget met €3.2m
HSEQ Zero incidents and non-conformances

Demolition and Commercial

Tropical Fruits Warehouse, Dublin

Deep basement excavation in high water table zone. Multi threshold contaminants that had to be tested prior to site removal.

Added Value & Innovation
Coordinating complex vehicle movements of concrete and steel deliveries whilst working around CFA piling rigs on a constraint site.
Programme 14 weeks
Budget met €855,000
HSEQ Zero incidents and non-conformances


Services to our residential customers include:

  • Earthworks

  • Enabling works

  • Service diversions

  • Water main, sewer and storm water pipelines

  • Concrete works, foot paths, retaining walls, stone facade work

  • Kerbing, road surfacing and line marking

  • Hard and soft landscaping including street lighting and street furniture.


Services to our highways customers include:

  • Box Culvert Construction

  • Bulk Earthworks

  • Drainage

  • Landscaping

  • GPS Controlled final trimming and road surfacing.


WuXi biologics campus, Dundalk, Co Louth.

Our scope of work included process pipe trench excavation and  floor preparation, drainage, ducting  and earthworks.

Added Value & Innovation
Successfully coordinating our work with  other trades within a tight timeframe to high quality and safety standards
Programme 50 weeks
Budget met €3.2m
HSEQ Zero incidents and non-conformances