Our Technology


VisionLink is a next-generation asset management and fleet productivity solution.
The platform leverages equipment telematics data to give us a more holistic view of our fleet, assets and site productivity for better decision-making and increased profitability. These applications are mobile friendly resulting in increased efficiency on site for all the team.

Drone & BIM Management. PIX4d

Maveric’s RTK drones with  mobile base stations produce a unique photogrammetry software for drone mapping resulting in a seamless interface.  This allows us to download raw data from the drone images resulting in rapid data collection, as-built pickups, proof of work completed and progress reporting.

Trimble GPS Machine Control

We have been early adopters of this technology which reduces rework, cable strikes, manual setting out, and surveying. Maveric's application of this technology in the earthmoving industry has been a viable asset to our operations leading to an increase in the overall efficiency of our projects.


Procore's project management software allows our site teams and non site based partners to collaborate on our civil engineering  projects and share access to documents, drawings and data. Data and video can also be streamed to our system via drones.

Augmented Reality

We use AR 3D visualisation tools with our site teams to view a "for construction" 3D model above or below the ground. This eliminates delays, rework and provides the field team a 3D view of the proposed project. It also identifies on site obstructions early which eliminates costly rework.

Vac Truck

Our RSP suction excavator trucks are ideally suited for safe excavation around underground services, live tree removal, industrial plant maintenance, trench-less pipeline construction, emergency services, rail line maintenance, and building renovation.
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Evercam Construction Cameras

Evercam's project management & time-lapse cameras allow us to track and monitor the progress of our projects and improve team communications.View more details here