High-Performance Suction Excavator Service Providers

Civil Engineering

Below-ground construction cannot be achieved without excavation - a process that is both essential and multi-purposeful. Not only does it provide the foundation for most buildings, but also aids in laying and maintaining pipelines or cables within underground systems.

If you're looking to lift heavy soil, an excavator is the only way to go! These powerful earthmoving vehicles are equipped with state-of-the art components such as a bucket, arm, rotating cab and movable tracks. This innovative technology provides unparalleled digging power along with superior mobility – giving it the capability of performing many tasks including digging trenches and breaking holes or even lifting away waste and excavating mines! No job site should be without one of these machines; they make any task easier than ever before.

From narrow trenches to vast construction jobs, excavators come in various sizes and types. Smaller models are ideal for drilling and digging tasks while larger ones have a range of powerful tools that can tackle bulkier projects with ease. The most common excavator types are crawler, wheeled, dragline, suction, skid steer, long reach, and mini excavators.

Since there are several suction excavator solutions or cable trenching contractors out there, we’ll discuss and list down the best ones here. We'll also discuss in this blog what suction excavation is as well as its benefits.

What is Suction Excavation?

First, what is suction excavation? It is a process that utilises high-pressure air from multiple fans to loosen soil and break up arge unwanted materials, both solid and liquid materials in an excavation site, making it easier to remove. After this is done, the debris can be sucked out with an intake nozzle using a specially designed truck for either transport or refilling the area later on.

Civil engineering is a field that inherently involves risk, and the process of excavating can be not only expensive but highly disruptive. Suction excavation is an innovation of civil engineering is undeniably one of the best, drastically improving excavation efficiency and saving money while having a minimal environmental footprint.

What are the benefits?

Vacuum excavation technology is quickly becoming the most preferred method of excavation for fuel and energy distribution industries due to its non-destructive, low-impact nature. Compared to hand and machine digging techniques, this method is highly praised. It's the most effective way of excavating areas that are close to pipelines or other underground utilities.

Suction excavation offers a multitude of advantages, such as avoiding utilities or service strikes and eliminating traffic disruption. It also keeps workers safe, shrinks the size of excavations thus reducing waste, and fewer people are needed to handle the process manually and to complete each job with less equipment.

Suction excavation solutions can be a game changer for many industries, including airports and railways, civil works and highways, power plants and waterworks, gas utilities or power utilities - not to mention telecoms operators working on substations as well as specialist projects.

List of Top Service Providers for High-Performance Suction Excavators

1. Maveric Contractors

Maveric Contractors is a civil engineering company with 25 years experience. They specialise in complex engineering challenges such as Road, Rail, Data Centres, Pharmaceutical Projects, Industrial Demolition, Housing, Commercial, Airport Infrastructure and Land Remediation projects with offices in Ireland and Germany.

Their suction excavator solution is unique technology that enables effective suction of material up to 150 metres away and 50 metres below ground and is used in the rail industry, civil engineering, underground service location and trenchless pipeline construction.

Technical Details

  • RSP ESE 6 RD 10000 Mercedes Benz 3251
  • Double Fan DV2+
  • 150m horizontal / 50m vertical hose
  • Rock / Quarry up to 20cm rough
  • 100% Remote Controllable
  • 10 M3 / 25t Capacity.


  • Remote control driving
  • Auger rotation of suction hose
  • Auto stop sensors to front of truck
  • Hydrostatic steering capability

For further information contact:

Noel Meehan (Plant Manager)

T:  00353 9176 0711

M: 0035387 644 7860

E: info@mavericcontractors.com

Web: www.mavericcontractors.com

2. Vac-Ex Hire

Vac-Ex Hire was founded in 2016 and so far, they've completed 100 projects, appointed 20 contractors, and won 3 awards.

They have worked on some of the biggest projects in Ireland like large Data Centres, Commercial office & Retail projects, Private & Public Residential housing & number large Infrastructure Projects to support planning maintenance, improvements as well as assisting with emergency repairs or working with other contractors to successfully deliver large development projects.

For further information contact:

E: info@vac-exhire.ie

T: 016010912

M: (+353) 87 138 3548

Web: www.vac-exhire.ie

3. Excavac

Excavac Solutions Ltd is an innovative vacuum excavation system based in Co. Donegal, available for vacuum excavation and vac-ex hire throughout the island of Ireland. They have an MTS twin fan vacuum excavator with 8m3 spoil container with all extras fitted including hydrostatic drive (suck, drive and steer truck at the same time for remote), ike rotary vacuum pipe system (end attachment rotates to make virgin ground loose) and with a full range of extension pipes and bends for long distance work.

For further information contact:

E: excavacltd@gmail.com

T: 086 204 6503

M: (+353) 87 138 3548

Web: www.exca-vac.com

4. Pier UK Ltd

PIER (UK) was established in 2001 as a civil engineering and drainage business. It is located in Merseyside, North West England. They provide of vacuum excavators across the United Kingdom and Europe. Their fleet of vacuum (suction) excavators are called City Sucker, Dino 4.5 Twin Fan, Dino 8 Twin Fan, RSP ESE 6, and Tracked Vac. The different trucks are ideal for a variety of jobs depending on scale.

For further information contact:

T: 01925 228 674

Web: www.pier-uk.co.uk

5. Suction Excavation UK Ltd

Suction Excavation UK Ltd provides vacuum/suction excavation with nationwide coverage and a 24/7 emergency call out service, in one or two-man teams. They are available for free site consultations anywhere in the UK to assess and help you plan your projects.

They operate from various UK locations and can operate vehicles from 14 and 26 tonne, right up to 32 tonne. Each machine comes with a vast selection of fan arrangements to suit your requirements and different back arms for every application.

For further information contact:

T: 0800 047 8775

E: info@suctionexcavationuk.co.uk

Web: www.suctionexcavationuk.co.uk


AQ-Rent established a branch in the United Kingdom in 2018. They are an independent rental companies in Europe who works closely with the KOKS Group manufacturer, and provide innovative and high-quality equipment that is certified according to the latest safety standards. Their vacuum excavator is equipped with a high tipping system for unloading in big bags or containers, an ADR package and has the ability to vacuum wet and dry. The addition of the 8” excavation arm and hydraulic driving package, ideal vehicle for free suction of cables and pipes.

For further information contact:

T: 0031725406699

E: info@aq-rent.com

Web: www.aq-rent.com/en/

7. Peter McCormack & Sons Ltd

Peter McCormack & Sons Ltd, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and utility contractors have been servicing the industry since the early 1970’s. They are specialists in trenchless solutions throughout Ireland and the UK. 

Peter McCormack & Sons Ltd operate an ESE 6 RD 8000 RSP Suction Excavator mounted on Mercedes-Benz Tridem 8x4x4 3251 Chassis Cab which has 8m³ container capacity for spoil with tipping capability whilst backed-up with highly experienced personnel. Vacuum Excavation provides a safe method of excavation around existing utilities & infrastructure.

For further information contact:

T: +44(0)28 7964 5902

E: sales@mccormackdrilling.com

Web: www.mccormackdrilling.com

Each of the suction excavation companies provides high-quality equipment and nationwide coverage for vacuum excavation needs. Whether you are in need of a suction excavator for a short-term project or you are in search of a long-term rental partner, one of these companies should be able to meet your needs. Each company offers different services and specs on their machines, so it is important that you do your research before making a decision. Let us know in the comments if we missed any other notable suction excavation providers in Europe!